We are Federica and Giorgio! We decided to work on this project in order to help people know and understand an uncommon disease, which happens to be also very problematic: Wolfram Syndrome. The percentage of cases in the world is about 1%, but it’s increasing quickly, and it’s higher in some parts of the planet. You can only suffer from Wolfram Syndrome if both of your parents are carriers, and this is why the number is increasing – even though it’s still quite low.

The main problem is that the primary symptoms are type 1 diabetes and sight issues, symptoms that are usually found in who “only” suffers from diabetes.

Many doctors in America, led by Dr. Fumihiko Urano, are testing the first drugs, but Pharmacological Trials require a lot of time and money.

And this is where the idea of this website, sindromewolframitalia.com, was born. We all know research is expensive, and economic help is always well accepted (you can contact us in private for donations, we’ll give you all the information to donate directly to the doctors that are currently working!), but, what’s even more welcome, is your help. Spread the voice, talk about our website, contact us: the more people know they suffer from Wolfram Syndrome (carriers included) the more it is possible to study cases, and researche can get faster to results.

Thanks to everyone!
Fede & Gio

Fede & Gio