Professor Roberto Vettor

Prof. Roberto Vettor is formed in a high quality scenario thanks to the presence of Prof. Mario Austoni, one of the most distinguished clinicians of the University of Padua. The Austonian school has marked, from a cultural and scientific point of view, the evolution of Paduan medicine in various fields: internal medicine, clinical methodology, semiotics, endocrinology, hematology and nuclear medicine. The latter was born in Padua and became a discipline in its own right thanks to Prof. Austoni. Prof. Vettor’s training is both in the internal and in the endocrinological field with a research dedicated to endocrine-metabolic diseases and in particular to diabetes and obesity. After several experiences abroad, in the two years spent in Geneva, he was able to carry out studies on the neuroendocrine control of the energy balance. Prof. Vettor is a Founding Member of the Italian Society of Obesity, of the European Chapter – American College of Nutrition and a member of many other Scientific Societies at national and international level. Recently it has created a structured territorial network for the treatment of obesity, which has as its center the University Hospital of Padua, the first example in Italy of integration between territory and hospital in this area. From the clinical point of view, the most important love of Prof. Vettor is for internal medicine, in fact it runs the Medical Clinic 3 of the University Hospital of Padua where there are diversified clinical research fields ranging from endocrine hypertension, from pituitary tumors, diabetes, obesity, ovarian polycytosis.

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